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It Starts with A Shift of Paradigm...


Misconception No. 1: Sugar Causes Diabetes

If you are a diabetic patient, your body has a problem regulating the sugar level in your blood. Just a single-course high carbohydrate meal or a glass of sweet juice will cause a definite surge in your blood glucose levels - which, in turn, will require a much longer time to stabilize and return to normal levels.

You cannot put the blame on sugar, just like you cannot blame the cars (glucose) that stuck in line at a malfunctioning autopay gate (glucose channel). It isn't the fault of the cars that has caused the failure of the gate to allow them to pass through. It is the same inside your body - it's not the glucose that causes the inability of your body to utilize the insulin floating in the bloodstream. Glucose is a victim, not the culprit.

Misconception No. 2: Diabetes Is Caused by Lack of Insulin

Yes and No. It is only true for Type 1 Diabetes (accounts for 5 - 10 % of diabetes cases), but it is not the primary cause of Type 2 Diabetes, which affects a much larger subset of the adult population.

Typically, for Type 2 Diabetes patients, their insulin production level is normal during the early stage of the onset of the disease (when they were first diagnosed as having hyperglysemia). It is only at the later (or near-end) stage that their pancreas become weak - thus decreasing the production of insulin.

What's Wrong With Conventional Medical Treatments?

The sad thing is that most of the conventional medical treatments for diabetes are centered around these 2 Misconceptions. Doctors will advise all diabetes patients to minimize their sugar and carbohydrate intake, some even to the extend of total abstinence from all glucose producing foods. This will only put the patients in a state of constant fatigue and tiredness because there is no input of energy source to the body.

Eventually, it will evolve to a stage where the patient loses weight drastically within a very short period of time. This is a sign that the body is forced to 'burn' itself away to "squeeze" out whatever source of energy (fat & muscle protein) that is stored in the body. This quick lost of body fat will suddenly release the toxics (that was hidden or 'wrapped' by the fat over the years) into the bloodstream and kickstart a series of diabetes related health complications.

Pumping in more and more insulin is just a temporary solution. As the diabetic condition worsens, one will need to increase the dosage as well as the frequency of the insulin injections.

In order to cure your Type 2 Diabetes (Thus far, there is no cure for Type 1), you will need to understand the primary root of the disease, which is Insulin Resistance. You have to understand and believe that Insulin Resistance is Reversible before any solution can be recommended to you.

You Don't Need Medication, What You Really Need Is...

Re - Education


Didn't Your Doctor Ever Tell You This?

The Progress of Type 2 Diabetes

Stage 1: Dark, Thick and Sticky Blood

Gout Thick Blood

Stage 2: Often Feel 'Heaty' and Thirsty


Stage 3: Often Feel Tired and Sleepy

Gout Tired Sleepy

Stage 4: Decreased Libido or ED Problems

Gout Erectile Dysfunction

Stage 5: Skin Lesion or Tingling Numbness

diabetes 2

Stage 6: Part of The Skin Dies Off and Turns Dark, Skin Peeling Can Be Observed


Stage 7: Gangrene Begins At The Toes


Stage 8: Gangrene Infection Get Worse, Bacteria Is Eating Into the Flesh Until Exposing The Bones

diabetes type 2

Stage 9: Eye Sight Deteriorates

mata kabur

Stage 10: Major Organs such as The Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas Fail

Gout Kidney Failed

Stage 11: Final Stage?

Gout Game Over

If the progress of Type 2 Diabetes is predictable, this means there must be a common root to the problem that can be tracked down and be reversed.

Which means...

Diabetes (Type 2) Is Reversible!

Earlier You Take Action, Sooner It Will Be Cured. Just Don't Delay Until The Final Stage, For That Will Be Too Late...


What Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

There are 2 types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. Among all diabetes patients, only about 5% are of Type 1 Diabetes while approximately 95% them are victims of Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes is also known as Juvenile or Insulin-dependent Diabetes. Very often, it is diagnosed in children, adolescents, or young adults. The exact cause of Type 1 Diabetes is yet to be found, but scientists believe that it is genetically related.

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. It is usually diagnosed among people of age 40 and above. Very often, the patients are overweight or obese. Latest statistics show that the trend of Type 2 Diabetes is creeping towards the younger generation. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see some people in their 30s diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Just like Type 1 Diabetese, scientists and medical professionals still do not know the exact root cause of Type 2 Diabetes. All they are sure of is that Type 2 Diabetes is caused by Insulin Resistance, but they cannot identify what causes Insulin Resistance.

What is Insulin Resistance?

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video should be able to convey a much better understanding. Kindly take a look a the video below before I continue with my explanation.

Insulin Resistance is a condition in which the insulin receptors on the cell membrane cannot effectively bond with the insulin to open up the Glucose Channel through which glucose molecules are transported into the cell for usage or storage.

type 2 diabetes

The diagram above shows the normal operation of insulin in a healthy person. After having a meal, blood sugar level will surge once the digested glucose is absorbed into the blood. The surge in sugar levels will signal the pancreas to produce more insulin to help transport the excess glucose out from the bloodstream into the cells.

diabetes type 2

Insulin Resistance happens when the structure of the cell membrane is destroyed - thus causing the Insulin Reseptor to become less responsive. At that point the Insulin can no longer activate the opening of the Glucose Channel anymore! The glucose molecules that cannot enter into the cell are forced back into the bloodstream thereby increasing the blood sugar level (hyperglycemia). This is exactly how Type 2 Diabetes comes about.

Is That The Fault of Glucose and Insulin?

NO! Neither gluose nor insulin are the culprits that cause Insulin Resistance. Type 2 Diabetes is rooted in a problem existing in every single cell in your body, and it is not simply a problem involving one or two organs. You cannot put the blame on either the samll intestine - for absorbing too much glucose, or the pancreas - for not producing enough insulin. There is enough insulin in the blood. The problem is not insulin insufficiency, but rather, insulin utilization.

These organs are just doing their jobs as pre--programmed in our DNA. The problem is something that disturbed the surface of the membrane in every cell in our body that causes the Resistance towards Insulin and glucose.


What is The Actual Root Cause of Insulin Resistance? How to Reverse It?

Before discussing what causes Insulin Resistance, I would like you to imagine an aquarium that is filled with hundreds of fishes. If, one day most of the fish in the tank were behaving abnormally and seemed sick. What would be the most likely cause that comes to mind? The water! There must be something wrong with the environment that the fish are living in.

One hundred trillion of our body cells are like fish living in a sea of body fluid called Interstitial Fluid. Insterstitial fluid is the medium where the exchange of nutrients and/or toxic waste between cells and blood happens. A bad Internal Environment will only cultivate unhealthy and crooked cells - eventually leading to Insuline Resistance.

The 2 major destructive forces within a 'polluted' internal environment are:

1. Acidic Corrosion

2. Free Radical Oxidation

Below is the illustration of what happens to your body cells when exposed to an acidic and oxidative environment for a long period of time.

insulin resistance

What Creates An Acidic and Oxidative Internal Body Environment?

Most Type 2 Diabetes patients have had a very imbalanced diet since they were young - at least 80% of their daily diet consisting of acidic food. If you want to know the complete list acidic food - google it. Generally, acidic foods are foods that are high in protein and calories. Protein will be broken down to amino acids after digestion and the metabolic process of handling the excess calories produces organic acids in our body.

High concentration of acidic compounds floating around the interstitial fluid will create a lot of positively charged hydrogen ions which tend to rob away electrons (oxidation) from other elements and create free radicals that attack the cell membrane. And this oxidation process is a chain reaction that consists of multiple free radical attacks which are very destructive to the cell membrane.


We all know what a Food Pyramid is, but how many of us are actually following it on a daily basis? And the fact is that most of the Type 2 Diabetes patients are actually following the Food Pyramid, but unfortunately, they are practicing the Up Side Down version of it.

Well, maybe that chart with the Food Pyramid is a bit too tedious - or abstract - for some of us to memorize. So, allow me to show you a much easier way to remind yourself what foods you should eat. This is a 100% proven effective method because it has gone through the test of (a million years of) evolution. The answer is...

Your Teeth


God (or evolution) has given us 32-piece (adult) set of nicely-arranged teeth to help us chew what we are (supposed to be) eating. So, what are those foods that we are designed to consume then? Taking a good look at the structure of human teeth, you will notice that only 4 out of the total 32 teeth are sharp canines (carnivorous), while the rest of the teeth are flat herbivorous teeth (molars, premolars, and incisors).

28/32 x 100% = 87.5%

We, human, are supposed to be eating 87.5% plant-based food. Not only our teeth - but even our digestive tract is at least 80% herbivorous. We are born to feed more on plant-based vegetarian foods than meat. Our body just cannot digest those excess high protein foods!

But what happens nowadays is the other way around, and the wholesale embracing of 'modern' dietary practices has reaped its toll in human misery. And the Invisible Hand of Natural Selection is in action - getting rid of those who go against the law of nature through all sorts of modern diseases. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes etc. have already taken away millions of lives all over the world and the numbers only increase exponentially. The faster they grow, the faster the money goes into the pockets of the Big Pharmas who just continue to develop more and more new drugs to cope with the growing 'market'.

"One Quarter of What You Eat Keeps You Alive,

Three Quarters of What You Eat Keeps Your Doctor Alive."

"You Are What You Eat!"

The diabetes problem, or any other health complication you may now be suffering, is a direct result of what your body has absorbed through your diet over the years. It is like a great debt you have accumulated over time, except now your body is telling you that you now need to take action to pay down that debt before your body goes 'bankrupt'!

Before You Read On...

Diabetes has already become a very common health problem that affects many people. Almost every person has a friend or relative who is living under the shadow of diabetes. May be a friend of yours has just been diagnosed with diabetes and he/she is desperately searching for alternative solution to it instead of depending on the chemical medicines for life.

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How? How to neutralize the toxics you have accumulated over the years? Most of us will think, "If it starts from food, then we should fix it with what we eat too". Yes!!! It is already tested and proven effective! Watch this...

Conclusion: Raw Food Works!

Question: Does It Work For You Too?

Look, let's be practical. Unless you enroll yourself in a program where you have someone there to constantly monitor your diet - making sure you stay on a predominantly Raw Food program - chances are that you will, inevitably, be exposed to the temptation of your favorite food! Especially in a urban environment where there is usually a readily-available assortment of dining choices - including fast food.

I wonder how many amongst the 6 participants will continue on the Raw Food Diet after they have returned to their old lifestyle. I leave the answer to your logical imagination...

In reality, the condition is not that ideal. You are on your own. It takes a lot of courage and personal discipline to change one's diet. Type 2 Diabetes is a reflection of your lifestyle - your habits - over a period of many years. It is a "Habitual Disease". The solution is very simple and direct, change your habit! But...

"The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." - Samuel Johnson

"The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones." - Somerset Maugham

Raw Food is perfect, but is it perfect in terms of practicability?

Habit is something that lies within the powerful subconscious mind. It's always a tough battle to go against the subconscious mind with your conscious mind. It is like trying to stop a giant monster dead in his tracks, you either end up being crushed or forever give up trying.

It is very hard, if not impossible, to stop the giant of habit, but you can get along with it and slowly change its direction by adding some new habits to it. And the very power and effective habit I'm recommeding to you is...

Drinking Water! And it MUST be...

Ionized Alkaline Water

Most diabetes patients and doctors often talk about what food to avoid and what drugs to take, but very few of them ever pay attention to what water to drink.

On average, 65% of an adult's body is made up of water. You spent most of your time wondering what food to eat, but you neglect that important 65% of your body. The Internal Environment of our body that our body cells live in - is liquid. In order to repair the already weakened and damaged cell membrane, we must first change the environment where the cells live, and nothing can be more effective than drinking Ionized Akaline Water.

I am not a doctor or and medical professionals. Actually, I am glad that I wasn't trained to be one. If I was, I won't be sharing this with you now for I would be trapped on the (dead-end) threadmill of the orthodox medical establishment. What is the point of having the latest medical equipment and of building larger and more luxurious hospitals while the number of deaths from modern diseases rise as fast as the medical cost?

I am just an ordinary man like you - lucky to be blessed with a healthy dose of common sense and the opportunity to access unbiased health wisdom from both sides of the world. English allows me to learn about the modern science from the West while Chinese allows me to absorb the ancient health wisdom of the East.

Achieving great health is something very 'common sense', but common sense is not that common after all...

"It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense." - Robert Green Ingersoll

"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." - Gertrude Stein

Alright, enough of common sense talk, let's get back to the topic of water...

Why Ionized Alkaline Water?

The reason I'm sharing all this information here is because I have seen many cases where diabetes patients have successfully reverse their Insulin Resistance problem after they began drinking Ionized Alkaline Water. The reason I have had the opportunity to observe this phenomenon is because I have been in the Alkaline Water Ionizer business for more than 7 years and have had significant positive feedback from my clients.

I have read countless books about different types of water processing technologies and natural healthcare. The consistent positive feedback from water ionizer users has only served to validate my personal research findings. As I hear more and more testimonials, it motivates me to do more study about the diseases and unveil the mystery of how Ionized Alkaline Water helps to reverse and cure the diseases.

One 'correct' common sense observation often leads to the discovery of another! I strongly believe that this water can kickstart a health revolution. Now I'm a full time writer and health consultant. I'm a scientific person and I'm going to explain the benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water from a scientific perspective, sans the emotional hype of an endless stream of testimonials. It's just pure simple science...

The 5 Unique Characteristics of Ionized Alkaline Water

  • High Alkalinity - Neutralize or Detoxify The Acidity In The Body
  • High Anti-oxidant Power - Combat Free Radical Oxidation
  • Micro Cluster - High Penetration Power, Easy for Absorption
  • Oil Solubality - Strong Emulsification Effect, Fat/Cholesterol Reduction
  • Active Neutralization - Actively Search For Acid For Neutralization

After a few years of reading and talking to many diabetic patients, I have successfully compiled the following book specifically on Ionized Alkaline Water and Type 2 Diabetes.

Insulin Resistance

It took me a while to decide on releasing this publication to the public. I was in a dilemma because chances are high that some of those Alkaline Water Ionizer dealers out there will take advantage of my discovery and spread it without my permission. On the other hand, I wanted so much to share this information with as many people as possible.

Sneak Peak of "How Ionized Alkaline Water Reverses Insulin Resistance"

Insulin Resistance


Insulin Resistance


Insulin Resistance





Among the questions that this book answers are:

Type 2 Diabetes How The Internal Environment of Your Body Becomes Acidic?
Type 2 Diabetes Why Type 2 Diabetes Is Just The Beginning of Modern Diseases?
Type 2 Diabetes Why Almost All Diabetes Sufferers Are Having Thick, Dark And Slow Flowing Blood?
Type 2 Diabetes How Does Alkaline Water Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Work? 
Type 2 Diabetes In Order to be Effective in Reversing Insuline Resistance, How Much of Ionized Alkaline Water You Should Drink In A Day?
Type 2 Diabetes How Hyperglysemia Causes Kidney Failure?
Type 2 Diabetes What Are The Possible Healing Effect or Healing Crisis You Might Encounter and How to Deal with It?
Type 2 Diabetes What is Differences Between Pure Water, Mineral Water, Alkaline Water, and Ionized Alkaline Water?
Type 2 Diabetes What Is The Working Mechanism Inside An Alkaline Water Ionizer?
Type 2 Diabetes Quick Start Guide on How to Begin Ionized Alkaline Water Treatment Program.

This book is written in such a way that the information presented is both relevant and practical for readers with Type 2 Diabetes problems. Every topic is straight to the point. I have minimized the occurance of confusing scientific jargon to make it as easy to read as possible. This book will save you many weeks or months of your precious time in locating, translating and reading the following books.

Insuline Resistance

The purpose of this website is not the condemn any conventional (or alternative) treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. The objective of this project is to create awareness and share with the world what I found to be the most effective way of reversing Insulin Resistance. This book is a 100% impartial, non-proprietary, straight forward discussion of the simple scientific facts about Type 2 Diabetes which our doctors and professionals do not know or somehow have forgotten to tell you.

Initially I thought of publishing this book, but none of publishers dare to publish this book due to the sensitivity of the contents. Well, it seems like Big Pharmas are doing a good job in controlling the kind of information (which does not favor them) available to the general public.

Thanks to then Internet, it finally open up a platform for people like us to share what we think the world should know and MUST know. This is not fiction, but pure scientific facts (with minimum alien medical jargon) that normal human beings can understand.


"I have enjoyed your ebook very much. The information is truly wonderful. I sincerely appreciate your explanation and will find an alkaline water machine as you have recommended."

- Cathy, U.S.




"I just finished watching your alkaline water and diabetes e-book. I can’t thank you enough for doing it. It is so real, authentic and genuine – it is unmistakable that you are promoting this out of a deep concern and willingness to share what you’ve learned."

- Bert, Colorado.




insulin resistance

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Revitalize Your Pancreas and Kidneys


Massage Your Pancreas & Kidneys

The Pancreas is the factory that produces the glucose regulating hormones – insulin and glucagon. Due to multiple factors, the pancreas of a diabetic patient is weakened and become insensitive to the rise and fall of the blood glucose levels. It is this delay in response that causes the fluctuation of the glucose level in the blood, it is either too high or too low.

The Liver plays a very important role in the glucose regulation process of the body. It acts in response to the hormones released by the pancreas. When high blood sugar levels are elevated, insulin is secreted to signal the liver cells to convert the excess glucose to glycogen as temporary storage measure. Conversely, when blood sugar levels are low, glucagon is secreted on demand, instructing the liver cells to convert glycogen to glucose.

You need to exercise these weakened organs so they can function properly. Do NOT try to massage those organs by extending your hands to the back where the liver or kidneys are located and squeeze or tap on those parts. It's not going to work! You must know that those vital organs are hidden deep in your torso and thus protected from external impact by layers of muscle and fat. The only way you can 'massage' those organs is by stimulating them with Reflexology...

Purine Uric Acid Hyperuricemia

All organs in the body are connected by a series of complex nerve networks and blood capillaries and there are certain zones on your feet and hands that correspond to and are connected with the nerves in the pancreas and liver. Applying some pressure through massage or acupressure on these zones will stimulate the smooth muscles movement within these organs.

World's First & Only

Foot Reflexology Book for Diabetes

Foot Reflexology for Diabetes

In order to revitalize your long time suppressed pancreas and liver, you must stimulate the organs frequently. Let's be practical, though. It's almost impossible for most of us to keep up with the massge of these foot reflexology centers on a daily basis, nor do you need a complete foot reflexology treatment -- you only need focus on a few Diabetes Related Reflex Zones which are the:

  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Kidneys
  • Ureter
  • Bladder
  • Uretra

The above mentioned parts of your body are directly responsible the for regulation and disposal of excess glucose in the blood. Stimulating the muscle movements within these organs can help to improve the sensitivity of these organs towards glucose and the response rate towards the rise and fall of glucose level in the blood.

Instead of spending the money and time to go to a therapist practicing foot reflexology, you can actually do it in the comfort of your own home - on your own time. As long as you know the right spots to press on, your objective will be achieved. Foot Reflexology is not as complicated as you imagine. Don't let the complexity of a Foot Reflex Chart initially confuse you.

There are 70+ reflex zones on your feet! You don't have to know them all. You only have to focus on what matters to your diabetic problem. Besides the above mentioned 6 reflex zones, this book adds another 2 closely-related zones as well:

  • Testicle/Ovary
  • Prostate/Uterus

It is not so often mentioned in most diabetes publications that hyperglycemia can significantly affect a diabetic patient's libido and/or sexual performance. In order to explain how high blood glucose level affects your sex life, I would have to write another thousand words which would make this web page even longer -- unmanageable perhaps. Anyway, how true is this? For those already diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, the evidence may be all too readily apparent -- no need for spousal confirmation.

There only a total of 8 reflex zones you have to focus on -- instead of the 60+ unrelated zones. This book will save you hundreds of dollars in seeking out and paying for therapy from those who are knowledgable in this type of reflexology treatment as well as in the purchasing of the wrong reflexology books. Instead of wasting your time reading through needlessly lengthy texts, you can finish reading this book in less than 2 hours. The unique and remarkable thing about this book is...

Straight to The Points!

No beating around the bush! Here are some snapshots of the book...

Reflexology Diabetes

Reflexology Diabetes

Reflexology Insulin Resistance

Reflexology Type 2 Diabetes



Bonus #2

You CANNOT Take Off Your Shoes Anywhere, Anytime!

The challenge of doing foot reflexology at home is that you will need your spouse's hands in order to comfortably access to certain reflex zones -- and this can only be done when you are at home. To cultivate the habit of pancreas and liver 'massage' through foot reflexology is like "going to the gym" or "following a diet program" -- many people give up because of the inconvenience.

Understanding this, I have invested the necessary time and effort required to ultimately discover a much easier way to 'massage' your pancreas and liver. The solution is through Hand Acupressure Reflexology.

Hand Accupressure

Since the reflex zones on the hands are smaller than those in the feet, simply massaging on these small reflex zones cannot sufficiently stimulate the muscle movement in the pancreas and liver. You need to acurately apply pressure on these spots in order to achieve the objective, that is why it is known as Hand Acupressure Reflexology -- as opposed to Foot Massage Reflexology.

In order to acurately 'hit' on the reflex spots on your hands, you will need some smaller, sharp (not as sharp as a needle) tool to help you achieve that. Toothpick is a perfect candidate for this job, but the problem is that you might not hit on the right points with one single toothpick. That is why I have invented a new 'technology' known as...


It might seem easy to make, but when you try do it yourself, chances are that some of the toothpicks will fall out of position. And while too many toothpicks bundled together may spread-out the pressure too diffusely. Too few an amoung oftoothpicks will reduce the chances of accurately hitting the right spots.

The Secret Formula of making your own Acutoothpicks is shown in detail inside the book. Personally, I have made a few of these (How much can a few toothpicks cost?) and put one in my car, one next to my computer, one next to my bed, one in my pocket, and these little magic tools also serves as a reminder for me to 'exercise' my liver and kidneys whenever I see them. Good or great?






I don't like overly-complex things, and you probably don't either. So I have tried my best to extract the best and most relevant parts of Hand Reflexology that cater, specifical, to diabetic patients. This book will save you from wasting your time and money buying a bunch of hand reflexology books and searching for the definitive answers.





"Hemen, Good news! My wife has been drinking the Ionized Alkaline water daily and I give her foot reflexology every other day working on the pancreas points and other areas. 3 months after being diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, her doctor said she can stop taking the insulin injections because her numbers were much better. 3 months after that (last week), her doctor said her counts look even better and removed her from the medication (Metformin). She lost about 20 pounds (which is great...because she was at 215 lbs) and continues to look and feel better. Thank you again for passing on that priceless information to us. Keep up the great work."

- Malcolm, Hawaii.



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I promise this will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future meds, pain killer shots, or potentially more expensive treatments and surgeries. Most important of all is it saves you from wasting more time searching for answers. The quality of your life is... Priceless.

I am so confident that with my very personal help, you will reverse your Insulin Resistance naturally, safely, and easily without any side effects, and for good!

If you try my natural methods, but somehow not seeing any results (which I doubt), then just simply let me know, I will send you a prompt and courteous, no questions asked, 100% refund.  You can choose to keep my $123.97 worth of secret knowledge or throw it away.

All Risk is On Me.

gout guarantee


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What Are Your Options?

Option 1: Drugs

Diabetic Drugs

Continue depending on the drugs that is designed to manage or suppress the symptoms and hoping the government will come out some new medical plan to cover your ever increasing medical bills. The result? You can see many of them lying in the hospitals waiting for the final call, trying to ask them what medication they are on and for how long they have been taking it? See what a former pharmaceutical industry rep. has to say about the drugs she had been promoting for the past 15 years...


Option 2: Raw Food

Raw Food Diabetes
Try to discipline yourself to follow through a few months of vegetarian raw food program. Be prepared for the high cost of buying organic vegatables and fruits because good healthy organic meal can easily cost double the price of one Large set of Happy Meals. And that is for you alone.


Option 3



Best wishes,

Hemen Ee

Hemen Ee Hemen Ee
Alkaline Water Specialist
EzineArticles Expert Author
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P.S. Do not delay as you will get instant access to the secrets for ending your diabetic condition naturally for life. It's been said that failure to take action at early stage can make diabetes harder to eliminate over time. Don't wait until then. It's not worth the risk. Try to imagine how much the quality of your life and your love ones will improve after you eliminate your Type 2 Diabetes, for good.

If you wonder why I am revealing all of this, it is because I want to share this 100% sure effective solution to as many diabetes patients as possible. It's hard for me to fly over there to share my specialized knowledge with you. I reckon this book is the best way for me to share it with you. I love seeing others succeed from my discoveries and I am more than happy to hear stories of you getting rid of Type 2 Diabetes. So remember, I look forward to YOUR personal testimonial. All the best!

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